Ministry of Reconciliation Encounters

Jesus taught us to love God with all our heart, soul and mind. He went on to teach us that you must love your fellow man as yourself and that on these two commandments hang all the Law and all the Prophets. Yet He also taught us that offenses would come in our lives. It is our reaction to these offenses that keep us from being able to fulfill the two greatest commandments. Our inability to fulfill these commandments inhibits our walk with the Lord and our ability to live the more abundant life that Jesus promised us.   

Every person in life is wounded by words and actions. For some these wounds come in the form of verbal, physical or sexual abuse or rejection. For others the wound comes at the hand of a distant or cold mother or father that they never quite knew. Regardless of how the wound comes our refusal to forgive it prior to the sun setting on our wrath gives Satan a place in our life from which to torment us. This torment causes many Christians to live a life of regrettable behavior instead of a life of abundance.

The Ministry of Reconciliation purposefully stops this downward spiral of regrettable behavior by going to the root of the wound and reconciling it. We do this by utilizing God’s plan of reconciliation: admit, confront and restore. Through this process the door of access from which Satan torments is closed and deliverance is achieved freeing the person to live in the abundance that God intended for them to be blessed with.


The Encounter Weekend is an opportunity for individuals seeking a closer relationship with God and man. It is a dedicated time to get away from the distractions of everyday life and to reflect on our walk with the Lord. The Encounter is an opportunity to come, hear, and do through large group lecture and small group application. A trained volunteer called a Life Coach facilitates the small groups. Each Life Coach has been through several Encounters and is available to give support, individual attention and prayer for participants.
Sometimes in the life of the believer certain emotions will keep us bound in hurt, anger, bitterness, depression or unresolved issues of the past. When that is the case we are not living the more abundant life Jesus promised in John 10:10. An Encounter Weekend experience will help to direct the individual to dig deep to find the root and source of origin to work through some of these emotions. "You cannot conquer what you will not confront."
The aim of the Encounter is total transformation that will give birth to the character of Christ in the believer. We need a genuine Encounter with the living God in order to bring about a total transformation in our lives. 
The Encounter includes teaching sessions and testimonies. Some of the topics covered are The Wound; Admitting (the pain of the past and how it mattered); Confrontation and Forgiveness; Consequences of Sin; Generational Curses; and Deliverance. We learn about The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the power of operating in it. A specific time of prayer and healing plus deliverance take place as well as fellowship with other believers.
Encounters are held at the Cornerstone Conference and Retreat Center in Tarpley, TX and twice a year at Cornerstone Church. There are Encounters for anyone who wants to grow in the Lord including an Annual Men’s Encounter, An Encounter for Married Couples, a Ladies Encounter and Family Reconciliation Encounters followed by the teen trips in the summer. Encounters are conducted by The Ministry of Reconciliation.
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