Adult Sunday School Classes 10:00 AM

Cornerstone Church Sanctuary with Pastor Matthew Hagee

Sunday School Time:  10:00 AM 

Sanctuary Class  Click Here to Watch Sanctuary Sunday School Live

Pastor Matthew Hagee presents the Bible in Chronological Order every Sunday at 10:00 AM in the Cornerstone Church Sanctuary. All adults are welcome to join Pastor Matt as he provides an exciting and succinct weekly lesson on the Bible beginning with the book of Genesis through completion of the book of Revelation.

Vada Hagee Prayer Chapel Sunday School

Sunday School Time: 10:00 AM 


Each Sunday, a minister on our Pastoral Care staff presents a topical lesson on Christian living and Biblical application. All adults are encouraged to attend this interactive class.

Pastor Philip Fortenberry will be teaching, "End Time Apostacy," the month of August.



September: Pastor Brent Crowson - Practical Christianity (In the Workplace)

October: Pastor Boots Levine - Fear vs. Faith

November: Alexander Wright - Jesus in Action

December: Pastor Art Gonzales - Living Out Your Resolutions