Ministering the Needs of Kids in 1st - 5th Grade

Pastor Brett Owen

If you're in the San Antonio, Texas, area come to Cornerstone Church where I am excited about our Children’s Ministry – Cornerstone Kids.  Cornerstone Kids considers it a great honor to be serving the children of our church. When the children's ministry is successful, the difference is not just measured in lives, but quite possibly in generations. We will see a generation who build their lives upon The Cornerstone - one precious life at a time. We take great care in presenting Jesus in a way that is fun and relevant for children. I am stirred with excitement as we enter this new season. I am reminded of Matthew 18:5 which reads, “Anyone who welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.

Every week when Cornerstone Kids welcomes children we are essentially welcoming Jesus Himself. In part, that is what fueled some of our recent changes. I asked my team, “How can our minister better welcome parents and children in our ministry?” More than ever before, Cornerstone Kids is passionately pursuing the vision and direction of Cornerstone Church, taking all the gospel to all the world and to all generations. More than ever before, Cornerstone Kids is aligning with other ministries of our church in order to make a more significant impact on kids as they grow from infancy toward adulthood. More than ever before, Cornerstone Kids is partnering with families to help parents find success in their efforts as the spiritual leaders and greatest influence in their child's life. I’m confident our worship service and check-in procedures provide a welcoming experience. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

Pastor Brett Owen

We take great care in presenting Jesus in a way that is fun and relevant for children.  Every week we create an atmosphere where children:  

  1. Experience the Father’s Love
  2. Discover their identity in Christ
  3. Demonstrate the love of God toward others

We are blessed to offer these Sunday services and programs in the Life Center:

Children’s Worship Service
8:30 am, Life Center Gym

Children's Small Group Sunday School Classes
10am, Life Center Graded Rooms

Children's Worship Service
11am, Life Center Gym

Children's Choir
6pm Life Center

Children's Bible Activity Program
6:30pm Life Center

One2One Special Needs program during all services


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