Cornerstone On-Line Desktop App

Download Cornerstone On-Line Desktop AppCornerstone On-Line Access is a Windows-based desktop application that will allow you to connect directly to Cornerstone Church to:

  • Make On-Line gifts and contributions
  • Register and buy tickets for upcoming events
  • Allow Government of Twelve Leaders the ability to perform cell management tasks. 

It is a small, secure application that you may simply download in about 1 minute and execute directly from your desktop without the need to use a web browser. 

Downloading this application happens once per computer!  From that point forward you are one click away from Cornerstone On-Line, registering for the latest events and giving opportunities. 

You must have administrative rights to download this application.  If you are not the administrator or you are on a corporate network the download may fail.  You may get a message similar to "The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation."

Apple Mac Users
On-Line Giving:

On-Line Registration is not available on Mac at this time.  Please call the appropriate department at 210-490-1600 to perform your registration.

PC Windows Users (System Requirements:  XP-Service Pack 2 or Greater/Vista/Windows 7)
To download the application to your PC, click the upper right button:

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will see a window which looks like this:

Cornerstone Online Screenshot

This window is a standard security dialog designed to make sure you don't accidentally run a harmful program on your computer.  It is safe to click on the "Run" button and this will run the install process which installs the program to your computer.  When you click on the "Run" button there will be another Security Warning that the Publisher is unknown. (The Security Warning may appear differently on different operating systems .) 

Cornerstone Online Application

Click on the "Run" button and follow the instructions to install the Cornerstone Church On-Line Access program.  When installation is completed, the program will be available on your desktop and in your start menu.

The icon on your desktop will look like this:

Conerstone Online Icon

Double click on this icon any time you want to run the Cornerstone On-Line application.

After a few seconds, you will be connected securely to Cornerstone On-Line and you will see the main menu.  Click on the "Giving", "Event Registration", or "G12 Leaders" link to connect to the appropriate Cornerstone On-Line application. 


Cornerstone Online Screenshot