Tribe of Dan

Tribe Leaders: Kevin & Patti Murray

My wife, Patty and I have five children: Jacob, Sarah, Joshua, John and Danielle.  We were raised in the Catholic Church and early in our marriage we experienced some difficulties as most married couples do.  I had the attitude that it was okay to schedule basketball games several times a week and go out drinking with my buddies.  I did not want to come home to raise my four kids because I thought I had better things to do.

In the meantime my wonderful wife was working a 40-hour a week job, raising the children and basically doing it all.  She was very much alone in her world with very little true love coming from me.  At this point in time, Patty just dried up inside due to me not honoring my wife.  She met a man that paid some attention to her and a relationship developed between the two of them.  One thing led to another and we found ourselves getting a divorce with $80,000+ dollars in debt.

The last time that I saw her before she left was when she brought a u-haul to load up her belongings.  That day I began to let God change me.  After I helped Patty load the moving truck, I could see the faces of my wife and children just weeping in the rearview mirrors.  Their hearts were broken.  My eyes were opened to the blessings I had in my life, and now they were gone.  All that was precious to me was driving away to be loved and raised by another individual, a stranger.

At the time of this departure, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “In three years, I will make all things new and reunite this marriage and this family.”  I certainly could not see this happening.  I had no concept of what faith was.  From my vantage point, a stranger in Patty’s life wanted to marry her and live the rest of his life with our children.

During this time of separation, I was promoted and took a job in Victoria, Texas.  God blessed me with a great salary and I needed every bit of it to pay the note on the 80,000+ debt, two car payments and money for alimony and child support.  I moved into a one- bedroom apartment that had the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom all in one room. Things were a bit tight.  I lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Top Ramen.  I was there with no other family, just me and God!  I felt a tugging in my heart that there was more to life than what I had previously experienced and soon found myself getting into a Bible Study correspondence course with Kenneth Hagin Ministries.  As I began to read, I felt a strong hunger for the Word and was soon enveloped in the lesson plans.  

As I got into studying the Word, I began to prosper.  Soon, Patty allowed the children to come and stay with me.  I was able to rent a house with three bedrooms, a huge back yard, and a two-car garage in a neighborhood with great schools. Our children came to live with me, and what a joy it was to have them.  One day while the children were at school, the Power Team came and enthused my children so much that they had to go see them again at Faith Family Church.  So, off we went and I experienced the power of the Holy Ghost so strongly that I knew I was home.  I was in the place where God would transform my life forever.  I had never gone to a non-denominational church before; all I knew about them was from what I saw on TV.  The congregation would raise their hands and shout and just seem to have an awesome time.  I was not use to this.  At the end of the service I responded to the altar call and experienced his cleansing power and forgiveness for all that I had done.  Soon after I was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Soon word got back to Patty through the mouths of the children that I had changed churches and that it was the most fun that they every had.  She came to visit one Sunday and we invited her to church.  She cried most of the service as she was feeling the same power of the Holy Spirit that I felt.  Soon thereafter as she would visit, she would come to church and she eventually gave her life to Christ.

Just as I moved back to San Antonio, my phone rang.  It was Patty.  She began to tell me that she wanted to see how we could make our marriage work.  Pastor Hagee remarried us in a wonderful ceremony of healing and reconciliation.  Our income has tripled (because of Gods faithfulness to those who tithe) and our children are all doing great.

Sometimes God needs to get us by ourselves so that he can have personal one-on-one time with us . Though these were the toughest years of my life, I would not trade them for anything.  The lessons were invaluable.  Shortly after all of the debt was paid off, we were able to afford new vehicles and a home we never dreamed of being in.  I will tell you that if you seek first the Kingdom of God, all these things will be added to you.

Today, after being under the teachings of Pastor Hagee, I have learned a great deal.  Please join us for Bible Study fellowship.  We would love to share the Gospel with you too!

Kevin Murray

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