Tribe of Manasseh

Tribe Leaders: Frank & Wanda Cernosek

Manasseh, Grandson of Jacob and Rachel, Son of Joseph. In Hebrew, Manasseh means, “to forget all your toil.”

The Tribe of Manasseh was favored with land on both sides of the Jordan, amassing the largest area of all the tribes. Manasseh, along with Reuben and Gad, faithfully helped the other tribes conquer the giants of the land, returning to their home across the river only when victory had been proclaimed.

There are no accidents in the life of a Believer. Even before we knew Him, He was instrumentally directing our lives. How, where and with whom we grew up were all divinely orchestrated by the one who cares for us. Wanda grew up in the country 25 miles from the nearest town of 2,500. Her Dad passed away when she was six years old leaving her Mom on the farm with five children, ages 13, 11, 9, 6 & 2. With a firm, unshakeable faith in God, she taught them to lovingly work together, even organizing the livestock and poultry into mini businesses to earn a profit.

It was Houston 1965, my first real job after a number of years chasing a little white ball (baseball) around the country, that I observed a 5'11" slender blonde walk past my desk and she happened to be the marketing department secretary. My boss cautioned me not to even think about dating the office staff. After Wanda left to take another job with an airline, we got busy seeing each other. However, it wasn't until I met her Mom that I can say I truly fell in love with the young lady with whom I am now celebrating 44 years.

As wonderful and successful as things were, life remained empty and unfulfilled. Promotions came, children came, ownership of many things still left us wanting something more. A promotion to Lubbock took us away from the fast paced life in the big city. It was here that Wanda began questioning the Catholic doctrines, having converted from the Lutheran Faith.

The Lord led us to a weekend retreat at a Benedictine Monastery in Pecos, NM that opened our eyes to a love relationship with Jesus Christ. It was there we realized it's not about a denomination .... it's all about Him. We left there with a new view of life. We connected to a Christian home group in Lubbock led by the Oglesbys. They discipled us for almost four years before pushing us out of the nest, as we moved to San Antonio.

Having completed a thorough study of Derek Prince's Foundation Series in Lubbock, we were excited to hear Derek was a guest speaker at Trinity Church in the Fall of 1974. It was here that we met a young pastor by the name ofJohn Hagee .... a somewhat familiar name since I watched him play football at Trinity during my baseball off seasons. We started listening to this preacher, who sounded so unlike any Catholic priest I ever heard in my life ..... a little scary at times, but obviously the truth was starting to set us free. We are now going on our 37th year of listening to the Word of God from this man ..... guess we'll stay a little longer.

We consider it a divine honor and privilege to be serving in God's Kingdom work among the anointed leadership of Cornerstone Church. The vision of discipleship was birthed in our hearts in the 80s and it was this among all the other uncompromising messages that led us to totally commit our lives to serving in this portion of the Body. As leaders of Manasseh we have been gifted with a group of cell leaders divinely chosen by the Master. Our leaders are located in all areas of the city .... even as far as Austin. The groups are family oriented and children are always welcome.

If for some reason, you have not connected your life to a small group fellowship, you don't want to put that off. It's what's happening now ..... it's where it's at. You'll kick yourself for not doing it sooner.  Call the church at 493-9560 and let them give you names of groups in your area of town.

Small Group Fellowship Leaders:

Marc and Monica Lumley
We met at the Church of Castle Hills in 1986.  My wife, Monica, has been a member and believer since 1975, but I was a different story.  After 25 years of marriage and surviving...
Dan and Susan Kilgore
We are new to Cornerstone Church, but have been Salt Covenant Partners with John Hagee ministries for some time. We have been married 45 years, spending nearly 25 years in Washington State...
BJ Oglesbys
Within a few months of receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, my husband Bill and I were teaching our first class of 4th graders at the Methodist Church we had just joined.
Armando and Betty Martinez
Since 1994, my wife, Betty, and I have attended Cornerstone Church along with our three daughters. When we began attending Cornerstone, we knew Pastor would teach us the uncompromising...
Matthew & Lacey Martin
Proverbs 3:5-6 New International Version (NIV) 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart    and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him,    and he will...
Tim and Carol Morin
“To whom much is given, much is required.” My wife, Carol, and I are spiritually blessed and highly favored.  Our family has had our share of mountains and valleys.
Elisabeth Kolenberg
Manasseh, Grandson of Jacob and Rachel, Son of Joseph. In Hebrew, Manasseh means, "to forget all your toil."
Blair and Adelina Burleson
I met my wife Adelina during an unexpected visit to the hospital, as she walked through the door of my room. It was love at first sight!
Fredrick and Ellen Bradley
My name is Fredrick Bradley.  My wife, Ellen, and I open our home each week to share the Gospel with those desiring to feast on the Word of God.  We are ...
Robert & Barbara Arispe
Barbara and I started dating when we were 13 years old and married right after high school. We went into marriage with no concept of what it meant to have a healthy marriage.  I was brought up...