Hagee Hotline: 10 & 10

Next Event (weekly): No future dates scheduled.

A message from Pastor John Hagee:

On July 3rd I will begin a new media venture, the “Hagee Hotline: 10 & 10” on www.GETV.org LIVE each Tuesday morning at 10:00 am and evening at 10:00 pm. This will be a short ten to fifteen minute commentary on geopolitical events as they relate to prophecy, the conditions and events in America as they relate to scripture, etc. Simply stated, things are moving swiftly in our society in the wrong direction; therefore, I will begin this commentary weekly, but if the situation and response merits it...it can become daily.

America is going in the wrong direction! Our democracy is racing toward the edge of the cliff into a European socialistic state. This coming presidential election is the most crucial election in American history. I want to give it my all so that after the election no one can in good conscience come to me and say, "Why didn't you do something?"

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