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Pastor Matthew Hagee, "Build An Ark"

Regardless of what our individual situations may be, what is going on in the world around us affects us all. Economically, the American dollar is weaker than it has been in decades. Spiritually, Christians in America are being attacked on all sides.  Politically, our nation is more divided than it ever has been. Globally, the world all around us seems to be on fire. Between earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, protests and massive amounts of civil unrest, the world at large is in a very precarious state.

The Bible teaches us that wise people look at the environment that surrounds them and then plan accordingly. For instance, Proverbs 22:3 says, “a prudent man perceives evil and he hides himself. And a simple man passes on and is punished.” Here, the Word tells us that the wise pay attention, they make a plan… they are prepared. When something changes in their life, they are not affected.

I pray that you will become aware of the situations surrounding you and that you will begin to build yourself an ark. I want you to build yourself a spiritual ark for your family to take refuge in, a financial ark to provide for your children and your grandchildren, an ark for your marriage, and an ark for your ministry. Ultimately, in every area of your life, I want you to consider how you can be better prepared for the things that are coming your way so when they do come, and trust me they will come, it is not a matter of if you will be victorious, but for certain that you will live in total triumph.

The Word of God gives us the opportunity to be prepared. As such, it is indeed possible to know what is coming in the future. For the Bible tells us the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth. Accordingly, I am asking God, through the same Holy Spirit that spoke to Noah and told him to build an ark, that He begins to speak to you and tells you to build the same.

People often wonder, “Is it really possible to know what is coming next?” When you read the Word of God, you find the answer to that question is simply a resounding, “Yes!” The Bible has always given divine warnings. We read about divine warnings in the Book of Hebrews about a man named Noah. We read about it again when Herod sought to kill baby Jesus, and an angel of the Lord divinely warned Joseph that he would leave Israel and go to Egypt. The point is, if you are spiritually tuned in, you are primed to recognize such warnings when they come and once you do, you will be prepared and proactive in your faith.

I believe God does not want His children to always live reactively. I do not think He wants us to see things happen and then after the fact think, “Wow, I wish I had been ready for that.” I think God wants us to be proactive and prepared, because if He did not, then Jesus Christ would not have taught His disciples about things to come. The Bible tells us that “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” Knowledge of what, you ask? They perish due to lack of knowledge of the Word of God. Not only about what has happened in the Bible, or what is happening now, but also about what will happen in the future.

Discover in these teachings the divine warnings the Word of God gives us about the day and age in which we live. We are people who are living in a very certain time according to Scripture. God always knows exactly where we are and He knows exactly what we are going through. That is why God has given us divine warnings within His Word so we can utilize the Word to navigate through the times that are ahead. However, if we refuse to pick up the Word, then we will suffer the consequences. We have to pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is saying. The Word of God is not just something that sits on your mantle. It is the compass you utilize to navigate your life through the troubled waters in which you live. In doing so, you find you can live a life without limit. The Word of God is a lamp to your feet that shines the light for each and every step you are about to take. So, whenever you are searching for materials in which you can build your ark, if the Word of God is not the main material on your list, your ark will not survive the flood that is coming. So, when you’re looking for something to save your financial future, reach for the Word. When you are looking for something to save your physical body, reach for the Word. When you are looking for joy in your emotional well being, reach for the Word. When you’re looking for something that will drive the forces of hell out of your life and defeat every power and principality of darkness, reach for the Word, you must build upon the Word! In this uncertain world, the Word is sure.

Many people see Noah’s ark as a story of God’s wrath upon the Earth, but to me, it is a story of redemption. Since the Genesis of time, God has sought to redeem men. Accordingly, the ark is not a story of wrath, but rather it is a story of God loving a man so much and keeping His covenant promise with him. God told Noah exactly how to build the ark. If Noah had done anything outside of the exact definite details that God had given him, then it would not have been God’s ark. We often call it “Noah’s ark,” but it’s really the ark Noah built that God told him how to build.

The Word says that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man. Because God’s Word is true, then you have to believe that just like God told Noah how to build his ark, God is telling you and I how to do the same.

I encourage you to get this series and learn how to build an ark for you, your family and your future. God wants to redeem you, so learn how to build your ark. It will be your refuge that will enable you to endure the judgment that is to come.