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God's Gifts for You


"God's Gifts for You" is a three part sermon series with the following titles:

  1. "Defeating Depression"
  2. "Recovering from Rejection"
  3. "Hope for Tomorrow"

The word "holiday" is a linguistic abbreviation for the two words "holy days."  There are many words we speak that are linguistic abbreviations.  At one time in our history when people were saying farewell to each other it was common to say, "God be with you."  Now we simply say, "Goodbye."

The holidays in America are the most depressing time of the year for a great percentage of our population.  Families are separated by war; they are separated by loved ones who have passed away and are not here this Christmas.

Some families are in the process of divorce or they are recovering from the pain of a recent divorce.  Families who want to be together can't be together because they are not financially able to make the journey to where their family happens to be.

Some of you live in a state of depression and don't know it.  I'm not talking about clinical depression; I'm talking about what most people refer to as "the unending funk...a dark cloud over your life or thoughts that just won't go away." There is a Bible remedy for you that will bring peace, relief and joy.


Pastor John Hagee


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