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Pastor Matthew Hagee

Mrs. Diana Hagee


“The Prophetic Blessing is a spoken declaration by a spiritual authority over the life of an individual. The words of the blessing carry the power to control and direct the life of the person over whom they have been spoken. This is your opportunity to revolutionize your life!”

“Think on this: The supernatural Prophetic Blessing is invoked by speaking aloud. Once the blessing has been spoken, it cannot be rescinded. When God Almighty, King of the universe, places His blessing upon you, no person on earth can take it from you and no power in the universe can eliminate it from your life!”

The above quotes are from my latest book, The Power of the Prophetic Blessing. The pages of this book are the culmination of more than five decades of theological study. I encourage you to take advantage of this in-depth Biblical research in order to enhance your life today. It doesn’t matter if you have been a Christian for five minutes or 75 years. This book contains proven Bible facts that will encourage you and dramatically enhance your life.

Throughout the Bible, fathers placed their hands on the heads of their children and blessed them. One of the many scriptural teachings in this book is how to release the unlimited power of Jesus Christ in your life and the lives of those you love. No power in hell or on earth can conquer the unleashed power of God upon your life.

I have been in the ministry for more than 54 years and presently pastor a congregation of more than 20,000 members. I talk to people every day who feel hopeless, as if their lives have little meaning or direction. They are living unhappy and unblessed lives.

“I have a message of hope and truth for everyone reading this book who wants to live a fulfilled and successful life: God Almighty has declared that every one of His children is born to be blessed!”

“Think on this: You cannot change what you will not confront! You have the ability, through the power of the blessing, to revolutionize your life and control your future.”

God has great things in store for you and your family. All you need to do is grow in the knowledge of Him and seek His face to obtain your perfectly-crafted divine destiny. No one can claim your blessings but you. The first step is understanding how to impart the blessings of God upon your life. Blessings have been around since the beginning of time; you just need to learn how to tap into them.

“In the theater of your mind, stand with me in the Garden of Eden and witness God Almighty kneeling on the ground as He scoops up a handful of dirt. The Creator of all life is molding in His majestic hands the first human being, called Adam. ‘And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground’ (Gen. 2:7).”

“When Adam first opened his eyes to the light of day, he was awed by the majesty and tranquility of the Garden of Eden.”

“Think on this: God spoke the Prophetic Blessing over His creation and He wants you to speak it over your children as well.”

Satan comes to rob, steal and destroy. We have snakes in all of our gardens. No one is exempt. Satan tried to steal my son Matthew from us while he was still in his mother’s womb. This was absolutely unacceptable, so Diana and I said a prayer of pastor to come from the Hagee bloodline, and he travels all over the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why is Matthew’s life so blessed? Because we claimed him for the Kingdom while he was still in the womb and we spoke the prophetic blessing over his life before he took his very first breath.

When God is in control of your life, His blessings will overflow. We serve an extraordinary God who is able to meet your every need.

“Are you going through a fiery trial? Prepare yourself, for you are next in line for a promotion on your job, a long-awaited financial provision, a restored relationship, or a miraculous healing. Life’s tests will take you from the agony of the valley of the shadow of death to the ecstasy of the mountaintop. Tests will come, but Jehovah Jireh promises us triumph over them all…”

“Think on this: The person going through the test of fire is one step closer to attaining God’s destiny.”

As I have told my congregation many times, the only people who have no conflict in their lives are in the cemetery. If you are a breathing organism, you are going to have conflict in your life.

But there is no reason to fear conflict if Jesus Christ is the Lord of your life. If you allow Him to walk you along the path of His choosing, you will know no greater peace…no matter how severe the storm. Remember, it was Jesus who walked on the water and said, “Peace. Be still.”

Learn how to handle the conflict in your life with God’s help. I have outlined some tried and true principles in my book that you simply must read and apply to your own life.

Have you ever heard of “Replacement Theology” and wondered what in the world it really meant? The Power of the Prophetic Blessing clearly outlines what this means as well as why we should honor Israel and the Jewish people. This isn’t my opinion, it is God’s opinion.

You will find with each principle I list throughout the manuscript, there are multiple scriptural references supporting the data. In these perilous times, we cannot afford to mindlessly sit by and ignore God or refuse to follow his precepts. We must dig deeper into God’s word so that our families can have the best of things in the worst of times.

“When standing at the Red Sea surrounded by adversity, don’t just stand there waiting for Pharaoh to capture you and take you back to Egypt. Walk into the water; rip the roof off! Get passionate about reaching the Promised Land! Go from not enough to more than enough!“

“The athletic team that plays with passion wins! The singer who sings with passion inspires the audience. The businessman who works with passion prospers. A passion to succeed will drive you to overcome every barrier, every resistance, every reversal, and every adversary.”

“Think on this: If you do not passionately believe it—you will not achieve it!”

Don’t take the easy road out! Easy is for cowards, not Christians! Roll your sleeves up and declare that the victory is yours through Jesus Christ! Say with gusto that this is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be made glad in it!

“God enters by a private door into the soul of every man. When a person takes one step toward God, the Almighty takes a giant leap toward that individual to forever  embrace that person as one of His own.”

“I have good news! There is a High Priest by the name of Jesus Christ—He has declared that every blessing recorded in Scripture is available to you for the asking. You have not because you ask not. Ask NOW and receive the blessing that God the Father ordained specifically for you since the beginning of time.”

“Think on this: If you can believe it—you can receive it!”

Enter the realm of unlimited blessing. These are custommade blessings just for you. Don’t waste another day living in the muck and the mire! Have enough faith in yourself and in Almighty God to start living a life saturated in overwhelming blessings.

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