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Pastor John Hagee "Three M's Of The Bible"

The Three M’s of the Bible are marriage, money and miracles. The Body of Christ needs to hear the Word of God on these subjects. We are living in a state of crisis, which puts great pressure on marriages and money. Most people, right now, are in need of a miracle. “The Three M’s of the Bible” will shock, inform and assist you in planning your personal, economic and spiritual future. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the obvious… all of the 3 M’s overlap. Money is a provoking topic in most marriages. Many marriages are in need of miracle and many are in need of a financial miracle. You get the point. Everyone needs to learn how to master “The 3 M’s of the Bible!”

Other than choosing to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, deciding whom you are going to marry is the most important decision you will ever make in life. Like a relationship with Christ, a marriage is a living thing. It is a relationship that has to be nurtured daily in order to avoid stagnation. When a man and a woman are joined in marriage, they become one person.

The truth is that every marriage can be a better marriage. For those of you that are not married, you will see Bible proof that God, the ultimate matchmaker, has the perfect partner looking for you.

For those of us who are married, want to stay married or want to stop regretting the fact that we are married, understand that there are no perfect marriages, there are only marriages that are in the process of either becoming better or bitter. You need to learn skills to ensure that your marriage is not the latter!

The key to all marriages is communication. You need to know what communication is in a marriage and more importantly what communication is not. It is time to address the marriage that is dying due to lack of passion and poor money management. Learn and appreciate men and women’s God given differences. This will not change and has not changed since the beginning of time. Once you have learned what those differences are, you will have the ability to accept them. Finally, most importantly, there are Bible steps required to resurrect a dead marriage.

Money is also an exciting topic. If you don’t think so, try taking $100 away from someone you know and see how they respond! The Bible is the greatest financial manual in print. In it, Jesus tries to teach us how to manage our finances. Sixteen to thirty-eight parables deal with managing our possessions. In the New Testament there are five hundred verses dealing with prayer, less than five hundred dealing with faith, but there are over two thousand telling us how to manage our possessions. The Lord is not subtle in His message. If you do not learn how to master your money, then your money will master you!

In this teaching, we tackle topics such as “How secure is America? What are we doing with the American dream? Who really controls the global economy? How do I position myself and my family to prosper in this uncertain economy? What are God’s financial laws you dare not break?”

The Word of God says, in Proverbs 21:20, “a wise man saves for the future, but the fool spends all he has.” As Christians, we all believe the Bible, but it is not what you believe, it’s what you obey that determines your destiny. Even though most of us believe the Word of God is true, the majority of us are not obeying God’s financial laws, and God rewards only those who obey!

Sometimes people wonder, “Why doesn’t God give me more?” The answer is because you’re mismanaging what God has given you! This teaching will outline the Biblical principle of “giver’s gain” and show you how to receive your divine inheritance from Him. You cannot be blessed by what you will not receive, learn how to receive this gift of divine inheritance.

We know that the God that we serve is a God of miracles. We know that the Word of God is a book of miracles. We know that the Jesus we adore had a ministry of miracles. Yet why do we act like Jesus is not the same yesterday, today and forever? Why do we forget that what God has done in the past, He can and will do today?

Understand the concept of “a miracle in your mouth,” and the importance of speaking in faith, believing and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There is power in proclamation. As Christians, we are to proclaim in order to release the authority of the living God in our lives and in the situations that we face.

God will take you to the point of your failure in order to bring you out of the crises you are facing in your life and into a future that is better than you could have imagined. Know these crises you face precedes your finest hour! We have to stop looking in the rearview mirror and realize that with God, the best is yet to be!

This teaching provides word for word proclamations, taken from the Bible that claim your health and healing, guidance and protection, prosperity and finances and finally for victory over ALL things through the Blood of Jesus Christ! Proclamations are an arsenal in your weapons of spiritual warfare! Recite them regularly and proclaim their Biblical promises.


This series will change how you view the “Three M’s of the Bible.” It is time to stop struggling with
your money, turn your broken marriage around and proclaim your miracle today!

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