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Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Ministries Department is a very important function of Cornerstone Church. We have much to offer those looking for answers in today’s very active lifestyle. Currently, we have six (6) Ministers/Care-Givers standing by to meet the guidance requirements of our congregation. Our staff is made up of mature Christians having extensive Bible knowledge and many years of experience in Pastoral guidance.

God’s Word will always be the basis of our problem solving. All crises, trauma and trials found in ordinary life are common to mankind and have an answer in the Bible. Helping people find Jesus Christ in the middle of their issue is our main goal.

We offer these services for church members and congregants:

• Marriage & Relationship Counseling
• Divorce Counseling
• Ministry to children of divorce
• Family Counseling
• Step-families
• Single-parent families
• Traditional families
• Sexual Abuse Survivor Counseling
• Addiction Recovery
• Deliverance Ministry
• Inner-healing Ministry
• Grief Recovery Counseling
• Sexual Purity & Restoration Ministry
• Biblical Direction & Discipleship


To Whom Can I Turn?

I myself am convinced, my brothers, that you yourselves are full of goodness, complete in knowledge and competent to instruct [counsel] one another - (Rom 15:14)

Cornerstone Church has an entire department designed to provide help for you in times of trouble. Many times we think that we can get all we need from the morning service in church. Problem is – maybe that sermon didn’t address your particular need! Most pastors truly understand the importance of the pulpit ministry. Many however don’t see the importance of the counseling ministry. Pastor Hagee does! He has devoted many resources specifically for this reason.

Please understand that the Pastoral Ministries Department is here for you! If we could define what we do, it would go something like this: "Helping people with basically rational minds find biblical answers to their problems." These issues could be related to your financial, emotional, sexual, marital, and bad behavior, or for anything else that plagues our lives. Unfortunately we can’t handle ALL the needs of those that require professional help. What a pity it is to have someone go through something alone and never seek counseling!

There are several reasons that counseling is so important.

  1. It focuses on the individual. We heard stories where different issues stood in the way of someone wanting to get married. These reasons were very personal in nature. This particular lady sat in the sanctuary every Sunday and was trying “to live with the problem.” Her counselor helped her find the very biblical answer to her problem in a very short time and she is now happily married with several children. Still another individual was considering homosexuality as a lifestyle. He very much needed counseling to help him overcome what he already knew was wrong! Maybe another person feels their child in college is slipping away from the Lord. How does she deal with such a personal issue? All these cases add up to one thing: Someone needs to speak with someone!
  2. Another reason that counseling is important is that it allows a person to deal with very personal issues individually! Great teaching and great inspiration can be found in books and public lectures. Many subjects however don’t lend themselves to public discussion. Two-way communication is very important in the problem solving arena. In counseling, the individual has something to say. They talk about the nuances of their own problem. They can get another perspective of what ever is keeping them awake at night. A message or a lecture is what we refer to as “broadcasting.” What that means is that the speaker sees the audience as a target and hopes to hit the mark. Two-way communication gets to the heart of the problem!
  3. Counseling is also important because it reaches “further down” than other forms of media can reach. Counseling brings about sounder and more permanent solutions to problems. Sometimes inner healing is the answer. Sometimes deliverance is the answer. Sometimes just talking is the answer! Most people’s problems didn’t start just before they got to the Pastoral Ministries Department. They started a long time ago. Getting to some “stinkin’ thinkin’” is just the solution. We may have believed so many lies over the years that if feels like the truth! When it disagrees with God’s opinion – we need to change!
  4. Another reason that Counseling is important here at Cornerstone church is that it’s FREE! If you are a member of CORNERSTONE and need someone to talk to – we’re here! Don’t suffer through something that is resolvable!

Remember that God is absolutely interested in the individual! Jesus dealt with individuals. It is true that the throngs and multitudes gathered around Him. It’s also true that He fed the thousands. When it came to ministry – He dealt one-on-one. He chose His disciples one at a time. He met with Nicodemus alone. He talked to the woman at the well alone. He chose Zacchaeus out of a tree! He tells us that a good shepherd leaves the ninety and nine to find one! Should we do less? We want to give you individual attention!

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