Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Everyone is created with a need to communicate with God. We believe that through prayer and praise we enhance our relationship with God, gain provision for our needs, receive power through the Holy Spirit and intercede for the needs of others.

Cornerstone Intercessory Prayer Ministry is a function of Pastoral Ministries and under the leadership of Rev. B.A. "Boots" Levine.  Intercessory prayer is a vital part of the success of Christian life as well as a support for the mission of our church. 

Prayer meetings take place in the Vada Hagee Prayer Chapel. 

The Morning Prayer meeting takes place Monday thru Friday starting at 6:00am.  At 6:30 there is a time of devotion and corporate intercession.  The group dismisses at 6:50am.

Wednesday evening prayer meeting is at  7:00pm in the prayer chapel.  The prayer time is approximately one hour long. 

Saturday morning prayer time meets in the prayer chapel at 8:00am.  The prayer time is one hour long

Each of these prayer meetings is open to the population of Cornerstone Church and visitors as well.  Issues are lead by the Holy Spirit and usually include topics such as the Church, our nation, our families, the sick and afflicted. We always prayer for Israel and international issues as well.  The Mission of Cornerstone is to save the lost and minister to the saved.  These are matters of intercession as well.

For information contact Rev. B.A. Levine at 210-499-1711.


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