Pastor John Hagee, "The Triumph of the Cross, Part I"

Event Date: Apr 14, 2013 (ended)
8:30am & 11am Services





There is no message in the Bible the equal of "The Triumph of the Cross."  It is the fundamental ingredient of our faith; it is the fountain from which all good things flow.

Because of the cross our sins are forgiven; the blessings of Abraham are ours; we are adopted into the family of God; our sickness and disease has been conquered; our shame and sin have been buried in the deepest sea never to be remembered against us anymore.

Because of the triumph of the cross demons tremble when you pray.  Because of the triumph of the cross you can do what others cannot do; you can say what others cannot say; you can go where others cannot go; you can survive what others cannot survive.  You are redeemed by blood and the blood line is drawn around you and your family.  You are the original untouchables.

You don't want to miss this sermon.  You don't know the power you have to accomplish the impossible until you fully understand the triumph of the cross.

Bring your Bibles and let's celebrate the greatest victory in the history of humanity; the victory of Christ at the cross over the prince of darkness.

You can watch LIVE on by clicking the links above, at 8:30 and 11:00 am CST on Sunday morning. 

I'll see you Sunday.

Pastor John Hagee