Singles With Purpose

Many times as people approach their 30’s and 40’s they start shifting gears and feel a sense of crisis coming on because they’re getting “old.” But, the Word of God has a powerful perspective on this subject. God is no respecter of numbers. His Word shows that even Moses wasn’t prepared to be used by God until he was 80 years old. Then he was ready to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt’s bondage. Caleb took Hebron for an inheritance when he was 85.

Here’s what scripture reveals about his attitude: “Look at me! I am 85 years old and am just as strong today as I was when Moses sent me out. I am still strong enough for war as for anything else…” (GNT). Here are two things I see first, his state of mind was consumed with the purpose God had for him and second, he had a strong sense of dignity regarding his age. In all actuality, we need to think of ourselves as getting better, not older. If we’re going to live by the Word of God, it is vital that we stop depending on our externals to make us happy. We also need to realize that the mark of a mature disciple believes that our life counts more today, than ever. That is worth shouting about!

Without a doubt, we have so much to look forward to! We don’t need to be reaching back toward those years that are behind us. We have a real opportunity to live out our full potential in God! We sometimes think, ‘If I only knew then what I know now, I could’ve saved myself a lot of problems.’ Realize this, most of our superficial, novice years are over with, and our future doesn’t have to look like our past.

Please join us. Be part of Singles with Purpose! We are equipping the saints for service. Together let’s reach forward to those things that are before us. We will make a difference in the wonderful church God has placed us in!

Adelso Lemus
– Singles with Purpose Ministry

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