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A Savior Worth Having

Matt Hagee

We live in a world that has placed a premium on options. We like having choices. We have convinced ourselves that the more options we’re given, the better we’re able to make a decision regarding what’s best for us. Our culture is consumed with the desire to seek out our own individual preferences and to have everything done our way. We want options...lots and lots of options, even if many of them are completely useless.

But, when it comes to salvation, there is only one option. His name is Jesus Christ.

The Pew Research Center out of Washington, D.C. is a nonpartisan fact tank. They recently released a poll in which they asked Americans this question, “Is there more than one way to heaven?” Eighty percent of the participants said yes. Eight out of ten people under the age of 25 said there are multiple religions and multiple ways to find eternal life. You see where I’m going here? Options are not always a great thing. In this case, Houston, we have a problem.

There is only one name given among men whereby we might be saved, and that name is the matchless name of Jesus Christ. When you say something like this, people immediately ask what the value is. How rare is it? How available is it? How many are there?

For example, if you visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, you can buy a poster of the Mona Lisa from the gift shop for just a few dollars. But, if you inquire of the museum’s curator regarding the price of the original Mona Lisa painting...he might just start laughing. In one case (the poster), there are many, many copies that are readily available to the masses. In the second case (the original), there is only one.

In Acts 4, Peter tells us that there is only one Savior able to grant eternal salvation. He is the Lord who says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by Me (John 14:6).”

The Savior that we serve is one of a kind. He cannot be duplicated. He cannot be replaced. There is no alternative.

Do you need salvation? I know Someone who can deliver you from your sin. Are you haunted by your past? I know Someone who can go into your yesterday and erase the tragedy and pain.

For every person who needs the weight of guilt lifted from their shoulders and the chains of bondage broken...I know the Way Maker who came to set the captive free. He is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. He is the one and only way to eternal salvation, to the full Christian life...and He is a Savior worth having.

Jesus can turn your sorrow into dancing. He can fill your life with joy unspeakable, taking away all fear for tomorrow. He takes broken things and makes them beautiful again. It is through the brokenness and cracks that His light shines the brightest.

My God can do all that you ask. He is simply waiting for you to cry out to Him, for He is the friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is waiting to bless you abundantly, far above anything you could ever ask or imagine. When you fall on your knees and ask God for help, He gives His angels charge over you to take care of those things that concern you the most. He gives His angels charge over you to keep you in all of your ways...to watch your going out and your coming in.

He is an on time God who is waiting to show you great and mighty things that you know not. All you have to do is make Him the Lord and Savior of your life...for He is indeed a Savior worth having!

Do you have a need? He is the Lord your Provider. Are you sick in your body? He is the Lord who heals all of our diseases. He is as close as the mention of His name. Stop looking around at all of the options and realize that there is only ONE name that is above every other name, and His name is Jesus Christ!

Do you need peace? He is the Prince of Peace. Do you want to lay your head down on your pillow at night and sleep like a baby? Make Him the Lord of your life.

Whatever you are in need of today...our God never fails! He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He is ready, willing and able to meet your need.

Remember when He healed you last year when the doctors gave you an unexpected diagnosis? Remember when He found that job you needed so that you could feel financial freedom again? Remember when your prodigal son came home and your family was complete once again? Remember when He healed your marriage? There is no shadow of turning in Him. What He has done for you in the past, He will do again.

Whether you are shouting from the mountaintops or trudging through the valleys of life...He is a Savior worth having! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!