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Pastor's Pen "The Storm of Self-Confidence"

John Hagee

This Sunday morning, we will continue the sermon series, “Surviving the Coming Storm” with the sermon “The Storm of Self-Confidence.”

Do you lack confidence in yourself? Do you lack confidence in your future? Do you lack confidence in your marriage?

There is a lack of confidence sweeping America. People are moving to Australia, to New Zealand and to the uttermost parts of the earth to escape the chaos in the streets and government of our country.

Socialism is threating capitalism. The shadow government is threatening the duly-elected government. Watching the television confirmation process in Washington, D.C. for Judge Kavanagh is like watching an insane asylum where the inmates are in charge. Character assassination in Washington, D.C. has become an art form by the Democratic party.

A lack of confidence can destroy your peace of mind and your hopes for the future of your family and the future of America.

The purpose of this message is to discover confidence in God, confidence in others and confidence in yourself…confidence that your life can be a high adventure and not perpetual misery. You may have taken a break from God, but God has not taken a break from you. Believe in the God who believes in you!

I will see you Sunday morning at Cornerstone!



P.S. I invite you to join us this weekend. 

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