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Pastor's Pen "Power Struggle"

Matt Hagee

This Sunday, I am going to begin a new sermon series, “Power Struggle.” The world that we live in is consumed by a constant struggle for power. We see it everywhere we look. Headlines are filled with political power struggles, power struggles for global supremacy economically, militarily and technologically. There isn’t one aspect of our culture or society where we are not engaged in some measure of a real struggle for power.

It impacts everyone’s personal life. I am certain you are familiar with the strife that exists when there is struggle for who’s in charge over at your house. The power struggle is real at work; it exists in your social circles. In all things, great and small, the power struggle exists; but the most intense power struggle that you will ever find is the one that exists within yourself.

This is the struggle between doing what you know is right and choosing to do what you know is wrong. It is a struggle between the personal desires of your heart and the desires that God places in your heart. There are so many ways that this struggle can present itself. If you’re unaware of the struggle and don’t know how to allow the Word of God to help you conquer it, you will live in a constant state of frustration.

Paul wrote to the church in Rome that what he wanted to do…he did not do. The things he did not want to do…he did. Why? Because his flesh, his natural desire, the human instinct he was born into was in a power struggle with the spiritual nature that he received from the Holy Spirit when he came to Christ.

How did Paul address this challenge in his life? How do you address it in yours? Some people attempt resolutions; oftentimes they are unsustainable. You can seek accountability from others, but they can only encourage you. They can’t control you. The only way that you can overcome this nature is to do with it what Paul did when he said, “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me… (Galatians 2:20).”

It is my prayer that when this series is over, you will find the spiritual strength to win the internal power struggle and become what the Bible describes as “more than a conqueror through Christ (Romans 8:37).”

Blessings! I’ll see you Sunday!

Pastor Matt