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Pastor's Pen "The War Between Him and Her"

Matt Hagee

This Sunday morning, I'm going to continue the sermon series, "Power Struggle" and focus on the challenges that exist in our society between male and female roles and relationships. Many people want to consider the "Battle of the Sexes" to be a modern problem, but it began in Genesis. If you do not understand how God created you to function, you will constantly compete with your purpose rather than compliment those God wants you to share your life with.  


This Sunday morning, in the 11:00 a.m. service, we will present all of the candidates that will be on the ballot in the upcoming local, state and federal elections. Without apology, Cornerstone Church has stated that it is our responsibility to vote our Biblical convictions and stand up and speak up for the government and leadership that we as Bible believers desire to see in authority in this nation. This Sunday morning you will get the opportunity to visit with the candidates following the service and ask them for yourself where they stand on important Biblical issues that matter to you.   

If you would like more information about the stated positions of the candidates, here is the Bexar County Election website:


Additionally, here are some recommended Christian voter guide sites if you are wanting additional information on the candidates from a biblical perspective:




Thomas Jefferson stated, "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people." 

This past week I had the opportunity to investigate the long-term impact of propositions A, B and C that will be on the ballot for the city of San Antonio. In having read the Texas State Auditors conclusion about the economic impact of these amendments, I wanted to give you the opportunity to read a portion of his third party analysis for yourself:  

"If these charter amendments go into effect, the City of San Antonio will be placed into an environment of policy-making and management that is uncharted. This will bring about a level of political uncertainty during both good and bad economic times that will slow economic growth and have large economic and fiscal impacts to the community, as illustrated in Table 14. The severe constraints the amendments will place on the City's budget will necessitate that new revenues sources be found possibly through the increase in tax rates and/or many public services be cut. These impacts will impede economic development and impact quality of life in San Antonio." 

However, I believe that the best form of government for any people has to be sustainable and the direction these amendments would take our city in the future lead to uncertainty and instability. We have some important decisions to make in this next election. God bless you as you engage in the privilege of voting for your government rather than being controlled by it.  

See you Sunday at Cornerstone.

Pastor Matt Hagee