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How Many Summers Do I Have Left?

Kendal Hagee

I was asking this question to myself as I watched my 14-year-old daughter walk across the stage of her middle school graduation and into her first year of high school. If you count by school years, there are only four. Four more summers to spend with all four of my babies at home. Four more summers to make sure that my Hannah is ready to leave the nest and face the world on her way to becoming who God wants her to be. Four more summers -- it hit hard to think about how fast four years could come and go. My heart rate started to climb. I got that uncomfortable lump in my throat, and I could feel the pressure of tears starting to fill up in the corners of my eyes. Four was not enough; I wanted more.

Then a few moments later, I looked at the row of family members sitting around me and settled into another thought. I had a lifetime of summers left. There were my parents and Matt’s parents smiling from ear to ear, watching their granddaughter graduate from middle school. Not too many days ago, they were sitting in my seat watching their own children, and now they were experiencing the joy of seeing their children’s children do the same.

Psalm 145:4 says, “One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.” I was reminded that I wasn’t losing summers with my own children, I was making an investment in the summers that I was going to enjoy with my grandchildren. It made the moment much easier to embrace.

Matt and I have always made it a priority to make memories while we can, and it has paid off in so many ways. The days that we spend with our children, whether in the back yard throwing the baseball or learning how to shoot a basketball, the hunting and fishing trips to the ranch, or the summer vacations, every one of them was worth it, and every one of them was special.

They were worth it because no matter how much effort went into them, the memories we made in the moment will last forever. They were special because each of them was a down payment in the lives of our children who will soon be making memories with their own children.

You see, life, just like the calendar, has its seasons. There is the season to grow, then there is the season to raise, then there is the season to celebrate what you have raised. While the season of raising my children may be going faster than I want it to at times, I am going to make the most of every summer I have left in this season so that I can enjoy celebrating the seasons of life when my children are done growing and raising families of their own.

This summer, don’t let the season pass you by. Make the most of the moments that you have left. They will be the seeds you sow in the seasons of your life that are yet to come.

It is true that there are many long days, but a few short years. Enjoy each one of them because they are a gift from God our Father in heaven, and in each of them, we should declare His mighty acts