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When There Seems to be No Support or Options, There's Always Hope

John Hagee

You are the decision maker of your life. The decisions you and I make today will impact our future. We are all a culmination of our past decisions. The friends we chose, the activities we participated in, the school we went to, the person we married...every decision that we make plays a part in the person that we have become.

bleakest of circumstances. She knows nothing but a life filled with instability, pain, and abuse. She finds herself pregnant and our society is screaming at her to get an abortion. She has no support at home, no money, nowhere to turn. She has no options. Or does she?

In the society we live in today, it is not only easy to terminate a pregnancy, but it has become acceptable, the norm. All too often these young mothers choose to terminate their pregnancy because they don’t have the resources or can’t find an alternative to give birth and successfully raise a child. Legislation has made abortion far too easy. Our nation is begging for the judgment of God.

It is time for us to make a choice! It is time to choose to love...to pray, and to act upon what Matthew 25:40 says.

There are thousands of young girls all across our nation who find themselves in what appears to be a hopeless situation. Can you imagine living with no hope and then someone tells you about a Savior that loves you unconditionally, a Savior that has a plan for your life and for the life of your unborn child? Can you imagine giving these girls the choice of life? This is all possible when they are introduced to a place called Sanctuary of Hope.

The Sanctuary of Hope gives these young women an alternative other than a world filled with suffering and pain. Sanctuary of Hope is a way to break the cycle of abuse, to share God’s love with those who are hurting and broken. It is a conscious decision that we, as a ministry, are making to love these young women who have felt the wrath of those closest on earth and tasted the bitter pill of rejection. It is an opportunity for them to choose life over death.

This month with your gift of any size in support of the Sanctuary of Hope, I will send you a copy of my message “Your Greatest Decision” and the companion booklet entitled “7 Decisions that Determine Your Destiny.” These resources are my gift to you when you provide hope and a future to these young girls with your support.

Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

It is time for us to stop relying on the world for answers. It is time to stop spending our time and money on things with no eternal value. We need to start loving one another, praying for one another, and supporting the things that exude the love of Christ.

Sanctuary of Hope is a Christ- centered refuge where single, young mothers who have lost their way, lost hope, and forgotten how to love themselves can experience God’s love, find protection for their unborn child, and learn life skills to better prepare themselves for the future.

We are most like Christ when we are serving His people and loving others like Christ loved the Church. Jesus is a living example that we are to make a conscious decision to love, to spend our time and money to bring others to Him, and teach our children that HE is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

How can these young mothers and their children worry about their eternal life if their “today” is filled with hopelessness and a lack of direction? How can they move forward in life and become a functioning part of society if their hearts, minds, souls, and bodies are starving?

It is through the Sanctuary of Hope that we are able to help save both mother and child from a system that is designed to fail them. It’s time for us to feed their souls and give them the knowledge they are needing to live a healthy and productive future. We are blessed to tell them that the Sanctuary of Hope is here for them, welcoming them with open arms!

Will you help us give these girls a better choice? Will you help us provide hope, health, and life to these young mothers, and help them fulfill their God-given destiny?

These young ladies are desperate to hear that their lives matter, that they are important, that their futures will be filled with success. We serve a God who is ready to give us houses we didn’t build and vineyards we didn’t plant. It’s just a matter of committing our time and resources to honor Him and further His Kingdom here on earth. Are you willing today, to help us make an eternal difference in the life of a young girl and her child who need to see the love of God saturate their lives? Will you choose today to stand with us in support of the Sanctuary of Hope?

It is time to make a conscious decision to love, to pray, and to give. When you do, you become the hands and feet of Jesus to these girls that are in desperate need of a Savior.