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Adult Education Classes

Enhance your life and Christian walk with these enriching classes.


Managing Your Finances Class
This Financial Management class offers Biblical principles that address how to assess your own personal wealth, reduce your debt, establish and maintain a budget, and plan for your future retirement. 

Marriage Intimacy Class
Our Marriage Intimacy class is designed to help married couples find “freedom” from the hindrances to spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy as they come to experience the joy God intended in marriage.

Search for Significance Class
Focusing on how our thoughts affect our emotional, relational and spiritual development, the Search for Significance class seeks to bring you into a better understanding and acceptance of your significance to God and others through the application of God’s Word in your life. Brand New Curriculum Coming Soon!

iBelieve 1.0 Seminar
This one day seminar teaches the basics of our Christian beliefs and the principles of our faith. This class is offered up to four times a year.

The Truth about Spiritual Warfare
This one day seminar teaches the scriptural foundations and biblical principles needed to effectively engage in Spiritual Warfare. This class is offered up to four times a year.
Grief Share Class
The Grief Share class provides a safe and compassionate environment for individuals who have experienced the death of a loved one. Classes are held twice a year.

The SAVIOR class is for men and women who have been sexually abused. Through Christian teaching and support, biblical guidance is offered to help overcome the debilitating effects of abuse. There are separate discussion groups for men and women.  Participation is confidential and classes are offered twice a year. Advanced registration is required. 

When & Where

All classes offered by Adult Education Ministries are held at the Sonterra Place Building - 18410 Sonterra Place, Suite 200 (2nd Floor).

See event listings below for upcoming classes.


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